Thief on the roof

Guitar duo Thief On the Roof


Thief On the Roof is a new possibly up-and-coming fusion guitar duo exploring an eclectic variety of musical styles in their compositions.

Kirsi Tilk is an Estonian-born classically trained guitarist. Some years ago she turned her focus to folk/world and flamenco music as well.

Sune Pors grew up listening to rock, later discovered jazz and learned his trade playing in countless bands and sideman gigs.

Studying both at The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, Denmark, they became friends and combined their wide ranging knowledge in music to form a multi-faceted duo in the spring of 2015.

While deeply rooted in their respective musical heritages Thief on the roof has developed a personal sound beyond strict borders and traditions. Their music is humorous but also profound and emotional, raw yet complex and colourful.

A concert with this fresh duo can go in any number of directions. Their repertoire has included twisted romantic guitar pieces, Malaysian folk tunes, improvised soundscapes and flamenco standards turned on their head.

The duo is not only looking to open up musical borders but national and cultural boundaries as well, by playing international concerts and incorporating folk music from all over the world.

Contact us by e-mail or number+45 91712088

Some of the music can be heard in the following links from our last live concert in Cafè Gaya, Aarhus.